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Albacomp EA Ltd. was created for delivering high quality manufacturing, assembly and design services to its domestic and European customers operating in medical, industrial, automotive electronics, security and communication technology fields.

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Why choose us?

  • Because we have well trained, professional staff with many years, decades of experience. Székesfehérvár has been the country's electronics industry centre since decades
  • We pay special attention to the requirements of our clients and the outstanding quality
  • We have very good customer satisfaction indicators
  • We undertake production of prototypes, zero series and small batches with short notice
  • With wide range of services we can take much of the burden off your shoulders (e.g. components procurement, testing, cable confectioning, final assembly)
  • Our company is only 3 km from the M7 motorway, 40 minutes from Budapest
  • We offer competitive component placement prices

Our production base is very flexible in terms of both technology and personnel. We are able to switch quickly between different products, different sized batches. As a result, although our main profile is production of the small-medium size batches (some ten pcs to few thousands pcs monthly), we also undertake manufacturing prototypes, proto series, and in this area we have renowned international clients such as ThyssenKrupp or Robert Bosch.

In 2011, Albacomp EA Ltd. was established to carry on the electronics-manufacturing branch that has been operated by the Albacomp Co. since 1992. Right from the 1990s onwards, we has been designing various electronic equipment with surface mount (SMD) components, and the SMT technology made it possible to manufacture a wide range of high quality products.

In addition to the two decades of experience, quality is also a guaranteed by the fact that we have ISO 9001 certification. The final inspeciton of our products is done by certified IPC-A-610 specialist.


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