THT Placement

Albacomp EA Ltd. provides a full range of production services for placement of surface mount (SMD) and through the hole (THT) type components. Although the SMT technology significantly replaced the conventional components, their use may be appropriate in many cases, even today. Our typical batches are between 1 and 1,000 pieces per production, and the normal completion deadline is 5-10 working days.

Our technologies

Preparation of components

Preparation of the components is carried out by means of special equipment that ensures an even distribution of the leads. With our ITECO equipment we can undertake bending and cutting to size of reeled or axial parts, and we our special and custom-developed tools we can satisfy specific requirements as well.


Component placement

Staff with decades of experience carry out the placement of the conventional components.


Wave Soldering

With the CMS400 wave soldering equipment, we can undertake wave soldering of conventional components with lead-free technology up to 400x400mm board size.


Hand soldering

In many cases, even today, it may be necessary for hand soldering. Our staff with decades of experience who are using modern, Thermaltronics made ESD-safe soldering stations, do this job.


Final inspection according to IPC-A-610

In addition to the in-process inspection, we carry out for all of our products 100% visual final inspection in order to ensure high quality. The final inspeciton is done by certified IPC-A-610 specialist.

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