About us

Albacomp RI Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian owned company, whose main purpose is, as one of the IT knowledge centers in Hungary, to give space to creativity, opportunity and professional support for talented people to develop new products.


In the strategy of Albacomp RI Ltd. the innovation, research and development has a prominent role. The Albacomp Innovation Center, which was handed over to the tenants in December of 2015 forms the basis of this strategy.

In the last few years the Company has participated in the development in a number of prototypes based on its technical knowledge and on the actual customer needs.

Albacomp also deals with the design and construction of photovoltaic electricity generating systems and power plants, and covers the full range of related activities from site selection to construction and commissioning, to the undertaking of maintenance tasks.

Quality is a key asset for Albacomp: The Company obtained ISO 14001:1996 environmental management certificate for its entire activities. Moreover, it is ISO 9001:2000 quality certified for accurate, traceable processes.